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Fortaleza & Mangroves

An easy paddle for beginners with challenging options for the more confident. Get the hang of your new kayak, then when you’re ready its off to the 16th Century Fortaleza de São Sebastião.

Kayak Fort and Mangroves_1.jpg

This is an easy, guided paddle, good for beginners with challenging options available for the more confident. Spend a little time paddling under and around the pontão (jetty) to get to know your kayak, then when you’re ready it's off to the Fortaleza de São Sebastião.


This massive 16th Century Portuguese fortress dominates the northern end of the island and from the water it looks even more formidable: cannons loom above you pointing out to sea over the towering battlements and jagged rocks prevent any approach.


See if you can keep up with the fishermen in their local wooden canoes as you maneouver through the mangroves.



Tour Duration

1.5 hour

Included in Price

  • Kayak- single or double

  • Life vest 

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