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Ilha Gardens: Kayak and Snorkel

Combine fantastic snorkelling with the thrill of sea kayaking.  Begin with a paddle to the Fortaleza de São Sebastião and the small Capela da Nossa Senhora de Baluarte (the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere).

kayak Ilha Gardens_1.jpg

From here we paddle past the old lighthouse ruin and round the northern tip of Ilha to the contra costa where we see the local women, draped in a kaleidoscope of colourful ‘capulanas’, wading through the water to collect shellfish.

Now it’s time to head further out to sea and set up for snorkelling at the spectacular Ilha Gardens site. The site is large and it continues in a north-south direction. Incredible corals spreading along the seabed or towering high, dazzling starfish, myriad colourful tropical fish, nudibranchs, and more.


There is so much to see, we make sure there is plenty time for everyone to get their fill of this underwater paradise.



Tour Duration

3 hours

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen

  • Bathers/swimmers

  • Rash vest/T shirt for sun protection

  • Hat

  • Water 

Included in Price

  • Kayak - single or double

  • Snorkeling gear: mask, snorkel, fins

  • Experienced knowledgeable guide 

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