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Ilha Blue on CNN Inside Africa

In the last post I mentioned that CNN Inside Africa had been filming on Ilha de Moçambique. At last we can share the documentary which highlights the creative work of women entrepreneurs in tourism. It is a wonderful documentary to watch. Do yourself a favour, watch it now - it could be then best 20 minutes you ever spent!

In the documentary you will meet Yara Costa, the creator of 'Nakhoda and the Mermaid' a multimedia, immersive experience and art installation. You can find out more about Yara's work here

And you will also meet Nina, who is not only the President of APETUR but also an artist and designer, and the woman behind delicious the food at Ancora D'Ouro restaurant.

CNN Inside Africa were delighted with Axinene Ari Vava women's textiles project. And the women are pleased to report that over the holiday period they completely sold out. Another batch of stunning fabrics is underway and @ilhablue we are already restocked with hand-dyed, hand-embroidered tote bags. Purchasing from the Axinene women is an experience in itself - come on by and see for yourself!

Watch the multi-talented Samira Jamu in her various roles as Assistant Manager at Ilha Blue, Coordinator of Axinene Ari Vava women's textiles collective and Founder of Orampelela, marine conservation and snorkelling project.

If you are really pushed for time, you can enjoy a mini version of the documentary - just click on the Swahili dhow below. Enjoy!


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