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Whale Watching

Whale watching like nowhere else on earth - this is your chance to experience one of Africa's recently discovered and truly magnificent wildlife migrations.


Every year Humpback whales migrate 1000s of kilometres to the warm waters of Northern Mozambique. The calm waters surrounding Ilha is where they come to breed, give birth and rest before the long journey back to Antarctica. Here is your amazing opportunity to witness this miracle of nature!

Sail amongst mothers and their calves and watch as mothers teach young ones to spy-hop, tail slap and breach. Harnessing only the power of wind we are so quiet, you can hear the whales blow. And as an extra bonus, listen to males performing their unique songs with our new state-of-the-art hydrophone.

After our fill of sea-based viewing we go onshore to Ilha de Goa.  The uninhabited desert island has one of the oldest lighthouses in East Africa – another marvellous vantage point to watch whales frolicking. Take the telescope and bincoulars and climb up the abandoned lighthouse while the crew cook up a sumptuous seafood BBQ lunch. After lunch we have time to relax and soak up the sun, loll about in the dreamy turquoise waters and wander along the beach crammed with exquisite shells and white washed corals before sailing back to Ilha.

The Edna is an 11.5 metre custom-built, Swahili sailing dhow with spacious decking throughout. It is the perfect platform for viewing these gentle giants up close and personal and for photographing these extraordinary, majestic creatures.

On each trip there are extra bonuses. We’ve had hundreds of dolphins bow-riding, schools of yellow-fin tuna, flying fish, turtles  and huge peixe agulha (garfish) dancing across the surface of ocean.  

A truly, unforgettable day.

The Great Humpback Whale Migration is from July to October.

Weather, wind and sea conditions

At times the conditions around tropical islands can be unpredictable. We receive up-to-date reports on local conditions.


On occasion we can operate different destinations to provide the most enjoyable day possible. These options will be explained prior to departure. This is a nature-based tour. Whale sightings cannot be guaranteed (but every tour we have done so far, we have seen them). We are led by the whales, we don’t chase them.


Ilha Blue is the only accredited whale watching operator in northern Mozambique. And is a  proud member of the World Cetacean Alliance.

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whale flukes- near Ilha das Sete Paus.jpg



Tour Duration

Day trip

8.15 am - 3 pm

Group Size

Maximum 15

What to Bring

  • Camera Bathers/swimmers

  • Sun protection (sunblock, long sleeved shirt)

  • Hat

  • Sturdy footwear (able to be worn in water)

  • Water bottle (can be refilled onboard)

Included in Price

  • Educational pre tour briefing

  • Specialised whale watching equipment

  • Desert island paradise

  • Freshly cooked Seafood Barbecue lunch (please let us know if you are vegetarian)

  • Beers and soft drinks

  • Filtered drinking water

  • Safety gear

  • Experienced, knowledgeable local crew

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