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Ilha Blue Island Safaris offers tours in and around the Island of Mozambique, an African World Heritage island floating in the Indian ocean.


Taking care of the environment

Ilha's marine environment is amongst the most beautiful and bio-diverse anywhere on earth, but its also an ecosystem in danger.


We are partners in the World Cetacean Alliance and fully committed to conservation: tapping into the passion of key thinkers and activists from around the world and bringing that energy and expertise here to benefit Ilha.

Partnering for local benefit

People need jobs and real business opportunities to move out of poverty. Together we are working to create a model for long-term economic growth that benefits families and strengthens the social and cultural fabric of this very special place.


We vigorously embrace inclusivity and diversity. Our aim is to create a shared experience that benefits visitors and locals alike.

Keeping you safe

No other operator on Ilha takes the safety of their clients as seriously as we do. We have all the necessary licenses for the boats and crew. We carry first aid and lifejackets in all sizes.


Our motors are professionally maintained and our captains and sailors are the very best; chosen for their personality and experience. Its the international standard that agents demand and which we are proud to be able to provide.


Good value, great service, fun experience

You won't regret this - I've been to almost 70 countries and this is really great value and a fun experience. Pete was flexible in arranging a trip for me when his team usually has a day off. The boat, drinks, freshly cooked seafood, activities and conversation were all fantastic.


Pete provided a lot of great background and information about the island and other activities you can do. He helped me hire some guys to take me across the water the following day. I don't think any other boat companies speak much English so bear this in mind - I speak Portuguese but this is still the best option. The other boat companies I saw are run by nice people but don't understand the full customer service concept regarding guided explanations, activities, food, etc. They'll just taxi you somewhere. Pete and many others on the island are working hard to foster tourism in the region, educate the locals and ultimately help the economy. It's a stunning intersection of world history and trade with beautiful scenery, food and fun people.




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