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Hiring Bikes from Rent Aqui

Join our campaign for more bikes on Ilha de Mozambique

Many of you will be familiar with the hashtag #africasmostbikefriendlycity. We created it several years ago as part of a campaign to increase the popularity of bikes on Ilha. The campaign is working incredibly well. Ilha de Mozambique is perfect for getting around by bike; its small and flat with narrow lanes, good roads, very little traffic and everything moving along at a gentle tropical island pace. We labelled it ‘Africa’s most bike friendly city’ as an aspirational goal and it is now becoming a reality with more and more bikes seen cruising the streets every day.

Transport bikes at Sao Antonio Market

Of course there are already lots of bikes on Ilha but this campaign and our investment in more bikes (including bikes for hire through ‘Rent Aqui’) has helped to make bike riding central to the visitor experience. And we have a few other tourism operators to thank; we got early enthusiasm from Antione at Escondidinho and Roger at Rickshaws but most credit has to go to Abdul Amisse at Vivo Island Tours for taking bike transport to the next level, winning over more hotels and creating big demand from weekend visitors arriving from Maputo, Nacala and Nampula. And we are also seeing bikes being used by Health workers and Animal Welfare workers.

How to explore Ilha by bike

  • Ilha Blue’s ‘Discover Ilha by Bike’ is the original and still the best tour of the island. Ilha Blue uses Royal Mail Pashley cargo bikes. Has kids seat, kids bikes and helmets available and tours take 2 to 3 hours. Call Fahar whatsapp +258844459429 or email

  • Rent Aqui has locally assembled Mozambikes for hire, also kids bikes, kids seats and helmets if required and can be hired for 1 hour to all day. Whatsapp Comen on +258847780152

  • Vivo Island Tours also has the ubiquitous Mozambikes and a big range of kids bikes available for hire by the hour and for longer periods. Whatsapp+258845107143

  • Ambasse from Sea island safaris has introduced a different style of Royal Mail bikes that they use for tours

  • Anrani has acquired more of the comfortable Royal Mail Pashley, the same as those used by Ilha Blue. These ‘top of the range’ cargo bikes will be used for tours, perhaps in collaboration with some of the hotels, and possibly for hire.

Clever kids! Reading and riding on the way to school

The future - more bikes on Ilha?

World Heritage towns all around the world struggle with congested streets, traffic noise and pollution. Ilha is the same but we have the advantage of a strong bicycle culture. Getting more visitors riding bikes would be fantastic. And wouldn’t it be great to see more kids going to school by bike.

Also, cars and motorbikes could be replaced by sturdy cargo bikes for transporting 90% of goods from the bridge to all points on the island. These things will happen if enough people, NGOs and businesses get behind it.

Help us by tagging your Ilha de mozambique bike photos #africasmostbikefriendlycity


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