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Free whale watching information sessions

Learn all about the whale migration. For Free!

Every year the humpback whales migrate from the icy seas of Antarctica to the tropical waters of Ilha de Mozambique to give birth. It's one of the longest and most spectacular animal migrations on the planet. Ilha Blue are offering free whale information sessions each day so everyone can learn all about this natural wonder.

Why are we doing this for free? It’s part of our commitment as WCA partners and responsible whale watch operators: to share the wonder of the humpback whale migration and also, to keep the whales safe from disturbance by promoting best whale watch practice.

The sessions are fun, informative and suitable for kids and adults. In English and Portuguese. Each session last about 30 minutes and covers:

Free whale briefings will be at Ilha Blue’s shop in Stone Town. Times will be advertised on the notice board outside. If possible whatsapp or message +258844459429 to let us know that you are coming.

We use for photo recognition. Ilha Blue are partners in the world cetacean alliance (WCA)


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