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How to attract skilled professionals to work for free in your responsible tourism business ?

We will be speaking on this topic at WTM Africa this week in Cape Town, discussing how we have managed to bring young professionals from across the world to volunteer with us, creating mutually beneficial experiences and enhancing our business.

As a responsible tourism business we have a unique advantage in that we can offer new experiences, adventure and cross-cultural interaction, whilst also giving people the chance to do something worthwhile. Together we can explore how this can be replicated across our industry.

Bringing skilled individuals out to work with Ilha Blue has given volunteers an insight into small scale responsible tourism initiatives, not to mention a chance to visit a beautiful part of Mozambique. For us, our business becomes globally competitive as we are able to develop across a variety of areas, such as marketing, multimedia, business administration and finance.

With the return of WTM Africa in Cape Town, the five-day conference will bring together operators from all over the continent and the globe to exhibit and share their expertise. As always, there is a strong slant towards responsible tourism, with the African Responsible Tourism Awards and a whole host of associated events.

As part of the conference we will be taking part in an event focused on the business case for responsible tourism, held over two days on the 11th and 12th April. We will be presenting alongside other former Responsible Tourism Awards winners, each of us discussing different aspects of our respective business models.

Our presentation will focus on how to replicate the model of volunteering we have employed, covering helpful platforms to facilitate this type of work and also sharing some key insights that we have found over the past few years.

We look forward to seeing you there!

WTM will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre April 10 to 12 opening at 10:00 each day
We will be presenting as part of ‘The business Case for Responsible Tourism’ in the Conference Theatre at 10;00 Friday 12 April.


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