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Ilha Women photos exhibition

Netherlands Hospital photo exhibition includes women from Ilha

When professional Travel Photographer Tom van der Leij visited Ilha de Mozambique in 2019 Ilha Blue were only too happy to help by showing him the island, providing a place to stay and lending him a bike to get around.

So I was particularly pleased when I heard that 2 of his photographs of Ilha women were to be included in a travelling exhibition; Women@Work, then on display at the Gynaecologie dept of the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen, The Netherlands.

A generous donation to the women of Axinene

That was good news. An added bonus was that Tom decided to kindly donate 300 euros from the sale of 2 photos. Money for the Axinene women’s empowerment project. How good is that!

The money will be used by some of the young women to cover the daily cost of transport from home in Jambezi, to Ilha Blue, this way they can continue to participate in Axinene activities. 1 euro is almost enough to transport 2 women, there and back. So the money should go a long way. Removing one more barrier to women’s participation in meaningful, future income generating activities.

Tom’s enthusiasm was electric. I could see he loved the island, the people and all the wonderful photo opportunities he created. It really was a pleasure to watch him work. Contact Tom van der Leij to learn more about his work.

+31 626 534 331 (Whatsapp) – Amsterdam – The Netherlands – The World


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